Karin Bagn has been practicing criminal and civil law since 1983. Karin received her law degree from the University of Colorado, School of Law, Boulder, Colorado. In 1987, Karin earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, with a subspecialty in medical health care technology from the Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio. Karin is licensed to practice law in Colorado, California, Alaska and in British Columbia, Canada, where she currently practices.

Karin specializes in cases involving: competency, insanity, medical and mental health defenses, medical marijuana, cannabis, family law, as well as post-conviction/Rule 35(c) claims.

Karin has trained with various psychologists and psychiatrists from Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Canada, France and the United States. Karin has worked with people from many national and cultural backgrounds, and has counseled extensively in areas of war and social trauma.

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About Karin Bagn, J.D., Ph. D

Karin Bagn, J.D., Ph.D. practices law in Canada and the United States.


Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology


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An expert in Family and Criminal law.  Karin Bagn provides effective negotiation and representation.   Karin Bagn is a legally blind lawyer. She holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and has over 30 years experience in counseling, facilitation, Family Constellations, consensus building, and life skills coaching.